What? - Describe what the work is about. For example, this presentation is about a country and the requirement was .......Make sure you talk about what was expected for this work and what time it took you to complete it. Was it a group project? What input did others have to this work?
So what? - Now talk about why this piece of work is significant. Is it something you are proud of? Is it something you received a high grade for? Is it something developmental that helped you reach a new level in the subject? In other words why have you chosen THIS artifact for your portfolio?
Now what? - Now talk about how doing this work has improved you as a learner in the MYP program. Has it helped you organize your time and work efficiently? Has it demonstrated that you are capable of doing mathematics and so now you have a lot more confidence than before? What are you now going to do with the new knowledge and skills you have gained from doing this work? How is this moving you along the path of life?
This End of unit test was done in my Mathematics class. It was like any other end of unit test, but the mark on this test was clearly fantastic. I got a nine out of ten and a five out of six. In my school this is cosidered a really high mark. I have gotten better marks when i was younger, but this was the best mark of this year.
So What:
I had many artifacts that I could have for this subject, but I chose this one for clear reasons. These reasons are the high marks and the great response that teacher had for seeing this great mark.
Now What:
This work has improved me in a huge way; the reason behind this is because it gave me the sense that I can get high marks all around the year. It helped my organization skills because I have kept every single test with me. I hope that this is just a start into a path to sucsses.

Mathematics Test - Ration, Rates and Proportion