What? - Describe what the work is about. For example, this presentation is about a country and the requirement was .......Make sure you talk about what was expected for this work and what time it took you to complete it. Was it a group project? What input did others have to this work?
So what? - Now talk about why this piece of work is significant. Is it something you are proud of? Is it something you received a high grade for? Is it something developmental that helped you reach a new level in the subject? In other words why have you chosen THIS artifact for your portfolio?
Now what? - Now talk about how doing this work has improved you as a learner in the MYP program. Has it helped you organize your time and work efficiently? Has it demonstrated that you are capable of doing mathematics and so now you have a lot more confidence than before? What are you now going to do with the new knowledge and skills you have gained from doing this work? How is this moving you along the path of life?
This Brochure was made for my English class. The requirements were to have an interview with the place you were going to write about. We then had to use that information to make a brochure. My place was the Sheraton, Qatar. I was expected to go to the place and talk with the manager. I had to ask him at least twenty questions about the place. I was also expected to decorate the brochure using any pictures; the downside about this was the I had to use my own pictures. This wasn't an easy job but I was able to do it. This wasn't an easy project because we had to work on it on our own. This is harder because I had to do all the work on my own. I still think that working on my own was a good thing because if we were a group we would have argued a lot about the place.
So What:
I had many artifacts that I could have for this subject, but I chose this one because I got a high mark on it. I am really proud of this artifact because I was able to finish it in a minimum amount of time and because it wasn't that hard to do. This brochure helps me a lot in my English grade because without it my grade could have gone one mark lower (from a five to a four).
Now What:
This work has improved me in a huge way; the reason behind this is because I left the class or my house just to do an English project. This helped me communicate with people I never met before. I was also Independent when I went there on my own; this is because I needed my own pictures, without disturbing anyone using those facilities. This project has improved me for now I know how to use my time wisely, without wasting any second of my life. This new skill and knowledge will help me during my further life by making me more independent and much more communicated. Along the path of life I will need this, for without independence and communicating I won't be able to live in the world.